“Yanaha” is a Native American female name which means ” She confronts an enemy”.
But we are all friends here, so in this case “Yanaha” means “It will make you dance” 🙂
Tim Voyager & Hibrid are the authors of the original, Alex Marcu and Mr Costy are responsible for the remixes. Now let’s be quiet and let the music play!

Overall Rating           7.4 / 10
Supporting DJs        81.20%

Selected Feedback:

Da Fresh – “support, like the original”
Cristian Varela – “Download for Cristian Varela. Thanks !”
Stacey Pullen (official page) -“cool thanks”
ADOO -“Alex Marcu for me,tnx!”
Deejay Affani -“cool EP”
Horatio -“cool ep”
Stanny Abram -“great release!big support!”
Stefano Kosa -“other great ep from Family grooves!”
Kenny Ground -“Alex Marcu Remix is cool thanks”
Al Bradley – “Cool techy vibes here; all three are solid club cuts, but the rolling beats of Alex Marcu get the vote here ”
Analog Trip-“Very nice. Original for me Thank you”
Ante Ujevic -“original is fire!”
Bardia F -“full support”
Sergio Pardo -“GREAT EP GUYS ”
Rob Pearson -“both remixes for me, support on these!”
Yamil -“Mr costy 4me !! thanks”
Carlo Whale -“Original & Alex Marcu Remix for me! The original have a good tech house vibe, especially with the bassline. The remix is also good because the groove is insaneee! top”
Dan corco -“Cool thanks”
Taktfast -“Great release. Alex Marcu remix is dope! Support.”
DJ MAGILLIAN -“Another great release Mr.Costy got the on this one”
Ilias Katelanos -“nice vibes and grooves !”
Luca Lento (Dj Producer) -“Nice, Thanks!!”
Lee Guthrie -“Alex Marcu remix for me on this one, real nice…. thanks for sending ”
Madeni-“Original for me, full support for Tim! tnx”
Mike Wall (Official Page) -“Nice! support on HouseTherapy (IdealClubworld.com) AK”
Jazzman Wax – “Great EP!! Alex Marcu for me. Thanks
Nonnus -“the original is interesting, will try it out”