Another talented Croatian artist releases on Family Grooves.
This time it’s Tome R with two original tunes spiced up with a massive remix by Rob Pearson!
If you are cooking some wicked grooves don’t forget to add Porilook, leave it at medium heat and go Catch Potato in the meanwhile 🙂

What some dj’s say about it:
Dj Sergio Fernandez (official facebook) (official facebook)”I like it!! Full support!! Thanks!! :))”
Hollen “both original are nice”
Horatio “cool remix”
Moodymanc “nice release… will try porilook orig ta”
Stacey Pullen (official page) “cool thanks”
Stefano Kosa “Nice ep!”
Steve Mulder “Porilook (Original Mix) is cool!”
Al Bradley “Wicked original on Porilook, a real mood-setting groove, excellent Likewise with Rob’s remix, also a really superb percussive groove. Catch Potato
is a wicked deep rolling vibe – excellent EP all round!”
Alexis Cabrera “Nice vibe on Catch Potato”
Analog Trip “Support!!!!”
Vanilla Ace “Porillook original for me”
DJ MAGILLIAN “Catch PoTato is great”
Edy C.. “Cool tracks from my bro Tome R. ”
GruuvElement’s “thx for music”
Guti Legatto “cool!”
IGOR BRZOVIC “Rob is showing the real deal, again, great remix… very nice EP! thank you ”
Ilias Katelanos “Rob Pearson remix for me thanx”
Jean Marie Kone “That’s good House music. Full support. Will play all miss.”
Lee Guthrie “Rob Pearson remix for me here, feeling catch potato too. Thanks for sending ”
Luca Lento (Dj Producer)“Thanks!!
Miss Soulfly “Catch Potato is nice!!”
Roberto Ingram “A decent release here.”
TKNO “Porilook is great track. I love this EP. Will support it”
Yamil “`porilook 4me !! thanks”