FG035 is all about spring and summer time open air grooves, covered with vocals and tribal elements. “On Waves” is a fresh 3 track EP by Cele – DJ and producer from Spain, plus one remix by Ante Ujevic – Canadian producer with Croatian roots.

Selected Feedback:

Cristian Varela “Download for Cristian Varela. Thanks !”
Da Fresh “support!”
Tomy DeClerque “some nice grooves in here …”
Darkrow “nice ep!”
Dj Sergio Fernandez (official facebook) “Fantastic EP!! Full support!! Thanks!! :))”
Luciano (Official Page) “Hello Downloading for Luciano, Thanks for the music”
ADOO Support! Tnx for the music!”
Unique CRO “Ante Ujevic did a good job! Nice track!”
Bryan Cox “Full Support!”
Luca Lento (Dj Producer) “Nice, Thanks!”
Marko Nastić “Thanks for the good music!”
Mike Wall (Official Page) “All over these!! G-Bace @idealclubworld…. Nice”
RanchaTek “funky games is great !!!”
Rob Pearson “SUPERB EP, feeling and supporting all tracks here Full support from me ”
Al Bradley “Great stuff again on FG; of the 3 originals, Stress gets the pick for me, love the floaty vocal & overall rhythm of the track. Ante drops a great remix, not
particularly something I’d play but still really strong ”
Alex Marcu “Very nice pack!!! support!!”
Alex Rouk “Funky Games rocks !!!!!! Thanks for the music.”
Bardia F “Cool EP. Full support.”
Beethoven TBS “Yessssssss! I support this really nice EP for sure 100%!! Keep it up!”
Biella & AstrallL “Nice release, we like funky games a lot!”
Brothers In Progress (Official Page) “Nice Ep…Thx
Stanny Abram “cool!thnx!”
Stefano Kosa “Nice ep from Cele, will try!”
STIV HEY “Yeaahh ! Ante Ujevic pure BOMB! download”
TKNO “Nice groovy EP by Cele! Stress original and Ante Uljevic remix are top! Will play them. Thanks”
TheNightOwls “SUpport”
Yamil “Cele Killer !! Funky games dope ! Full Support !!”
Tome R “On waves!!” ..and so on , and so on..