Luca Aniston & Luigi Gargano are the authors of the second album on Family Grooves.
The name of the album is “My Way”, which pretty much describes the idea of the authors; to express their way of making music trough different genres.
The album features two original piano sections that can be used as DJ tools and six original tracks going from Deep House, floating trough Tech House and a bit of Progressive House, all the way to Techno. Author of the cover photo is Sanja Tudor.

STEVE WARD(Tronic,Serkal) my way is mad!
NILS HESS (Eukatech) Great EP of varied tracks. Parti Discontinue. Electronic madness, Excellent fusion.will play lots.
D-FORMATION (Toolroom) Will try. Thanks for sending.
RUSSELL DEEKS (This Is Why We Dance) Very solid house and tech-house grooves here, will support
DAVE MOTHERSOLE (Swag) some cool tracks here. thanks.
MIJK VAN DIJK (BluFin) Stopped listening after Artes. Want to listen to all of this is glorious full length quality. Looking forward to what else is to discover here. Great stuff!
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio) Great e.p Support, gracias
DA FRESH (Freshin, Toolroom) “Dream On” is the one for me.
COLIN DALE (Abstrakt Dance) Pure class… can hear a lot of love has gone into this. Will definitely be using cuts from this….
PACO OSUNA(Plus 8 / Minus) Will try thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰
MOODYMANC (20/20 vision) Love the piano tracks… would’ve been great to have some re-mixes that expanded on these for me… great tools none the less!
HORATIO (Desolat) nice intro
GRANT DELL (Giant) Love is just a game – original mix is my pick of these. Thanks
HARIS (Laus Music) Wonderfully musical intro, also like the other mixes, support!
STEFANO KOSA (KD Music, Toolroom) nice vibes, thank you!
AL BRADLEY (3am Recordings/Paper/Fabric) A solid selection of deeper ended beats here, particularly feeling Dream On, love the subby bass groove right there ๐Ÿ™‚
ANDY SLATE (Mentor, Soulmate) really like the whole vibe of this ep. my pick is the end is nigh. all others are good too..
URIG & DICE(Ying Yang) Full support for my way !! Perfect track! Excellent release!
LEE GUTHRIE (wIGGLE, cUBISM) nice album, quality vibes throughout. thanks for sending ๐Ÿ™‚
YAMIL (Saved) Good feeling
JOE MESMAR (Different Is Different) Cool stuff! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚