Pete Kastanis is the author of the “Missing Happiness EP”, a pack of two driving and hypnotic Tech House tunes, spiced up by a wicked remix by Andy Slate.
Take a listen, and there will be no Missing Happiness for you, plus you may also start looking at the Fake Gangsters from a different angle as well 🙂

Some DJ supports and feedback :
Steve Mulder ( Toolroom, MB Electronics, Stereo Prductions)
Andy Slate Remix is HUGE!! Full support
Stacey Pullen (official page) (BlackFlag Rec, SAVED)
cool will try thanks
The Disclosure Project (Ready Mix Records)
The use of the other song as a sample in the middle of missing happiness sounds good.
Mr.Bizz (Suara,Deeperfect)
will try!thx
Horatio(Circus Rec, Stereo Productions)
cool remix
Hollen (Terminal M, Suara)
Fake gangsters original
Alexis Cabrera (Mindshake Rec)
Andy Slate remix is cool! Thanks
MC Flipside(Toolroom, PornoStar Rec)
Nonnus (Pornographic Recordings)
andy slate remix rocks, great work
Electronic Empire (1605,No-Logic Rec)
great atmosphere in “missing happiness”
Subdivisions Global
Andy Slate mix for sure – thx!
Mike Wall (IdealClub radio)
fake Gangsters!! massive Tune…support from theweymo www.idealclubworldcom
Russell Deeks ( This Is Why We Dance)
Liking FG original best here