Our fiftieth jubilee edition features a single by Grada, conveniently named “Good Times”! It’s a Tech House track with a retro electro bass line covered by delusive vocals and pulsing synth stabs that will move most of the dancing shoes on the floor and hopefully deliver some good times.

Erick Morillo downloading for Erick Morillo. Thank you
Joseph Capriati (Drumcode) Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.
Steve Sai (Harmonia / Sabotage) Like !!!
SubDivisions Radio Pretty cool track – thx!
Russell Deeks (This Is Why We Dance blog) Solid stuff, def one for the bigger rooms
Stefano KOsa (Toolroom, Nirvana)
Alen Milivojevic (Ying Yang, Mentor) always nice tracks, support!
Paul Sawyer(electro juice) Great energy in this track, will be using this for sure
Electronic Empire Thanks , great atmosphere! will try it
Analog Trip Discovery track. Support. Thank you
Rafaello Bonaga  wow! what a great tune! I like it very much, powerful atmosphere, great bassline, catching envelope, very well made, every sound is at the right place, so much energy for the dancefloor, very good work, thank you for sending.
Erik Yahnkovf Yeahh great release, love it, will test it on my next gig many thx