This time it’s all about Lee Guthrie and his 4 track EP named “Dark Dreams”.
This four dark, hypnotic and groovy tracks will take you to a journey, they will show you The Code for the Dark Dreams, so before you ask yourself Can We Go; Mind The Gap. Have fun!

Terry Francis(Wiggle, Hooj Choons, Fabric) 1 4 me
Ismael Rivas (BItten) nice ep Â!Â!Â!
Al Bradley(3am Recordings/Paper/Fabric) The usual quality percussive beats here; in particular the deeper & more rhythmic ‘Can We Go’, which stands out for me, wicked
Alexis Cabrera (Mindshake, Bla Bla) Good stuff here!
Joseph Capriati (Drumcode) Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.
Stacey Pullen (official page) (Blackflag Rec) cool will try thanks
Rob Pearson (Evasive Records) Lee’s slick production once again, Dark Dreams & Can We Go are my faves here but will support and play all 4 tracks! cheers
Grasso & Maxim (Official FanPage) (Night Ligt Rec, Natura Viva) exellent!
Marko Nastić (Deeperfect) Downloaded for Marko Nastic. Thanks!
Dave Angel(Rotation) Downloading for Dave Angel, thanks!
Brothers In Progress (Official Page) (Blackflag Rec) Nice Ep….thx
Dandi & Ugo (Italo Business) cool sound grooves !!!
Scientific Funk (Wiggle) Typically fine grooves from Mr Guthrie. On form as ever. Best Family Grooves to date
Alex Marcu(Family Grooves) Nice ep!! thank youu!!
Nonnus(Pornographic Rec) the code is interesting, will try it out
Shane Watcha (zombie soundsystem) yeah feeling these curs from Lee!
Loz Goddard (Apollo) Some cool techy tracks on this release, quite chilled and spaced out too which is nice! Liking Dark Dreams and The Code.
Rub A Dub (OFFICIAL) (Younan Music) Full Support !
ANDY SLATE (Soulmate) i really like Can We Go!
Mirko Flower (Witty Tunes) Downloaded for MF, Dark Dreams for me, thx! ….and so on and on