When you throw a Boomerang, it actually does come back to you – if you throw it properly! If you throw this one, the dance-floor feedback will get back to you for sure. Massive bass line on the original by Unique (CRO) surely does the trick, while Kenny Ground and Stefano Kosa did an excellent work on the track flow – making it bouncy and dynamic, each in his own different way, which makes this package even more interesting.

1. Boomerang (Original Mix)
2. Boomerang (Kenny Ground Remix)
3. Boomerang (Stefano Kosa Remix)



Overall Rating                 7.4 / 10
Supporting DJs              89.84%

Selected feedback:

ADRIAN HOUR “Original and Stefano Kosa Remix for me! great ep!”
CRISTIAN VARELA “Download for Cristian Varela. Thanks !”
DIEGO QUINTERO “I like them, they really deserve a try! thanks!”
GEORGE PRIVATTI “original for me”
GERMAN BRIGANTE “Kenny Ground!!!!!!!!!”
GFORTY “Boomerang (Kenny Ground Remix) is my pick! thanks”
GRASSO & MAXIM “great pack support for my friends”
LUCA LENTO “Nice release! Kenny 4 Me!”
MARCO CAROLA “download For Marco Carola”
MIJK VAN DIJAK “Supernice Stefano Kosa Remix, very sublime bassline, magic.”
MIRKO FLOWER “Downloaded MF, nice pack, thx”
SIMONE VITULO “nice releases”
STACEY PULLEN “cool thanks”
STANNY ABRAM “great release!”
STIV HEY “bomb release! thank u!”
THE YELLOWHEADS “original for us! amazing groove!!”
YVES EAUX “ORG works best for me, Thx”
SKYMATE “original for me thanks!”
RICHARD GREY “The Kenny Ground remix is the ‘one’…just beats – but beats that know what they’re doin…!! What I really like about it is that the breakdown ends in a
fairly ‘adult’ fashion…”
MOODYMANC “Original had a nice groove for me thanks”
MISS SOULFLY “cool, like the stefano kosa remix”
LUCA P “Great release my friend! Thanks
LEE GUTHRIE “BOMB………Original is outstanding. Thanks for sending :)”
LAZY BUG “Bombastic!Kenny Ground Remix for me!”
JOSH LOVE “will try the Kenny Ground Remix, quality groove. thank for promo”
JOHAN DRESSER “Nice job, thanks!”