Family Grooves presents “An Amateur” by another Croatian DJ/Producer Fabian Jakopetz. Original is on the border of House with its funky vibes and housey ride, Ozgur Uzar’s interpretation is more Techy, while Nick Plum went closer to Techno.
An all-around package, go ahead and pick your favorite interpretation.


D-FORMATION (Toolroom) Will try. Thanks for sending.
STACEY PULLEN(BlackFlag) cool will try thanks
DAVE ANGEL(Tronic) Thanks!
VANILLA ACE(Suara) Cool tracks
ANDY SLATE(Mentor) Boom!! Ozgura Uzar Remix is the one for me!
NILS HESS (Eukatech) My favorite track on this EP is Nick Plum Remix, takes you on a journey solid track.
ALEXANDAR IVKOVIC (Desolat) Ozgur Uzar rmx for me
GRANT DELL(Worship) Liking the Nick Plum remix
YAMIL(Saved Rec) Nice !! Will try
LEE GUTHRIE (Wiggle) oh yes…..FG doing their thing again. This one is a killer. Original and Ozgur remix are great but Nick’s take is outstanding…. Thanks for sending ๐Ÿ™‚
PACO OSUNA (plus8/Minus) Will try thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰
ALEN MILIVOJEVIC (Ying Yang) full support for my Family! ๐Ÿ˜‰
ROB PEARSON (eVASIVE, tOOLROOM) support on Ozgur Uzar Remix & Nick Plum Remix, nice tracks cheers
MIJK VAN DIJK(BluFin) Good original!
NINO BUA (KD Music) nice release Nick Plum mix for me.
SCIENTIFIC FUNK (Wiggle, Cubism) Really like Nick’s remix – def be playing this out
STANNY ABRAM (Family Grooves) nice !thnx
PAUL SAWYER (Sounds Of Juan) The Nick Plum remix for me, really like the elements added into this remix.
RISHI K (rEADY mIX) Ozgur Uzar remix is nice thanks for sending ๐Ÿ™‚
LUCA LENTO (Clarisse Records) Thanks 4 the Promo!! Plum my Fav!