FGA01 – Couch Guerilla

After more than one year of hard work and almost 40 releases behind us, we have decided
to take Family Grooves to the next level.
We are proud to present a 9 track album by Partito Jesus Comunista – “Couch Guerilla”!

Partito Jesus Comunista isn’t a party, isn’t Jesus, isn’t even a communist.
PJC is in fact just a Deep House, Electronica and Chill Out producer from Porec, Croatia.

“Couch Guerilla” is a journey trough very original sound-scapes, spreading from Electronica over
Deep House all the way to Chill Out, spiced up with live instruments and great atmosphere.
Vocalists are PJC, Vector Smart and Pop Jive, while “Calm” was produced in cooperation with Marc Grabber.
Artwork photo by Sanja Tudor.

Big thanks to all the artists!

Release Date [05/05/2014]

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