Zack Marullo

Zack Marullo is a true DJ, who has implemented his unique sound with a brilliant musical sense. The funky, techno and house elements are well represented in the work of the former DJ, as well as the newest trends and classical compositions. His music has been recognised by more and more world stars such as Richie Hawtin, Gerardo Boscarino and Lukas Greenberg. His compositions have been released by labels such as the Canadian Morrisons, Nightshade Music and Floridian Soundtribe Records.

Besides his 14 years of professional past his musical diversity was helped by classical music studies, too. His debut was in the High Life of Budapest in 1997 as Dj Experte. Later he consistantly performed in clubs such as Ramszesz and Supersonic Technicum. He has played at many clubs and festivals abroad (e. g. the Ohrensausen Open Air Festival in Germany). He came up with the Zack Marullo alias in 2005. His first solo EP was released by the Canadian Morrisons in 2006. He was the co-founder of the Compact Disco Night and the Fusion in 2007, but he has been a part of a series of similar shows, too (e. g. Consonance). He won the national DJ competition in 2008 and in 2009 he became a resident of and the Audio Control Radio Show begun which can be heard on Nugen.Fm from spring of 2010. That summer he played at Mayday Budapest where the audience rewarded him with a loud applause on his set. The big event of the year 2009 was his unique idea of ‘Two heads, four hands, six turntables’ radio show which he began, together with former Coronita resident Shiipmann on The guys often work together in this line-up with 6 – 7 channels playing simultaneously of which 3 turntables are controlled by Shiipman and the other 3 turntables plus the drum machine is ‘synced’ by Zack. His reputation and recognition grew more in 2010 on the music scene as well as amongst the audience. A successful summer near Balaton lake, a first place at an international remix competition and many many fantastic party nights indicated that Zack Marullo’s hard work is starting to pay off. Since than his tracks were played by Tim Taylor, Miss Nine, Demi, Desyn Masiello, Behrouz, etc.

Besides the local top publishers, newer international labels started to take interest in the music of Zack Marullo in 2011. The Pornostar Records label have been added to the list of those releasing his music thanks to a compilation album prepared for the Miami WMC and his music is on the latest Housematic compilation, too. One of his remixes, named White Orange Project, will be released by Oversized Records managed by Bourne and Dandy as well as a remix prepared for Monkz is going to be released by RadioCity soon. Richie Hawtin has been playing more of his music and he has gained more respect from Djs and producers within Hungary such as Tommyboy, Chriss, Poli and Dandy. And we’re talking about only the first half of the year so far…