Vin Vega

Inspired by the Techno-sound of  the 90’s and by DJ’s such as  Westbam  and  Paul  Van  Dyk,  Vin  bought  his  first  DJ equipment  and  started  buying  records  which,  at  first, included  various  styles  in  1996.  He  practised  playing records, while trying to establish “his own style”. He started to  implement  some  suggestions  received  in  clubs  around  Düsseldorf, Köln, Krefeld, Neuss & Mönchengladbach. In  2004  he started  to buy  only House-tunes and  began  to  develop  his  style  which  varies  from  Tech  House  to Progressive House and Electro House with a touch of Rock. However,  through  many  journeys to  the Balearic  island  of  Ibiza,  with  influences  from  the  clubs  Space,  Pacha  & Amnesia he began to focus firmly on House Music.Since 2010  Vin has played  only  Tech  House with  balearic influence.  His  sets  contain  new  productions  for  example tracks  of  Coyu,  Reboot,  Dualton,  Steve  Lawler,  Edu Imbernon,  Michael Cleis,  Tapesh, Radio Slave,  Loco Dice, Guti, Monika Kruse, tINI, Butch, Uner and Nick Curly. Since 2011 Vin has produced tracks and remixes which vary from Deep House to Tech House. Now he works for labels like  Schicker Recordings,  Lotus  Flowers  Publishing, Audiobite  Records,  Desperadoz  Records, FootMusicRecords,  Carlo  Cavalli   Music  Group,  Casa d’Costa, LGM Label and of  course with his project 8281 for Style Rockets.
So stay tuned and listen to one or two of Vin Vega’s ingeniously created sets or skillfully engineered productions