Partito Jesus Comunista

Partito Jesus Comunista isn’t a party, isn’t Jesus, isn’t even a communist.
PJC is in fact just a deep house, electronica and chill out producer from Poreč, Croatia.
He felt in love with music when he was a kid and he started to play & make his own music while still in elementary school. In 90s he played with various croatian rock bands and towards the end of decade he realised there is a lot of fascinating electronic music out there. In his next “rock” band in early 2000s he started to use various samples, drum loops and his own electronic backgrounds for his mainly delay-powered-guitar themes, trying to make a subtle bridge between rock and modern electronic music.

Year 2003. saw him join forces with Marc Grabber, known not only for DJ-ing but also for organising unforgettable MTV Valkana Beach Festival. Grabber & Dobrilla (as duo named themselves) made some fresh tracks together and one hot DJ mix called “Midnight In Cyberpunk”.
Collaboration with Marc didn’t stopped there, as the pair were playing from time to time in the years to come, and in 2012. they started to work on new deep house tracks. One of those – “Bollywood Dub” – has been released on V/A compilation “A Journey In Santorini vol. 2” on Lovezone Records, and at the same time they made another “Midnight In Cyberpunk” DJ mix.

Nowadays Partito Jesus Comunista produces mainly deep house, electronic & chill out music of his own, but in trying to find his own style he doesn’t hesitate to put some guitars, voices and other organic sounds in his electronic music.

The result of it can be heard on his first EP “Last Day On Earth” released on Gentlemen Lounge Records in late 2013., then on two New Year’s V/A compilations released by above mentioned GLR and by Family Grooves respectively and, last but not least, on his fresh and inspiring tracks (to be released in early 2014. on Family Grooves label).