Luca Aniston & Luigi Gargano


Luca Aniston, raised in a small town in the South of Italy, starts his musical education studying piano at the age of 8, that has been crucial for his future career.
His approach to electronic music comes shortly after, with the purchase of his first keyboard, allowing him to express for the first time his creative skills, inspired by artists like Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Planet Funk.
At the age of 18, when House Music rocks the scene, he buys his first console and he takes his first steps into the world of Djing in some clubs in Siena.
His passion moves into the music production in 2009, with the release of his first records, including “Weltraum” and “Krissss”, which represent his entry into the world of electronic composition.

The first compilation arrives thanks to Stefano Noferini (Deeperfect Records), who selects “Utopian” for “Club Edition Ibiza Session 2010”, playing Luca’s works together with those of Dj like Wally Lopez, Koen Groeneveld and the same Noferini.

In the same year, the project Traum Tik starts, a group composed by Luca Aniston and Joseph Mirabelli, with which Luca reaches the top of the Beatport chart within the Minimal genre. These albums “Vision Trip” and “Itager”, the latter remixed by Hollen, Raffaele Attanasio, Gianni Pellecchia, Marco Piedimonte, Shadow Sync, J&S Project and Dj Only.

The year 2010 is significant for the release of “David Me” which will be remixed by six artists such as Hollen, Angy Kore, Lea Dobricic, J&S Project, Mirabelli and Marco Piedimonte, record appreciated by Marco Carola and Rino Cerrone.
The following year sees the collaboration with Anthony Mea and the release of their first album Deep House “Day by Day”.
In parallel with his career of producer, Luca continues to work as a Dj in clubs like the “Ciclope”, where he has been Dj resident for 4 years, the “Dolce Vita” in the Salerno area, the “Velvet” in Naples, the “Côstes” in Florence, the “Hotel Me” in Barcelona.

His sound style has changed over time, seeing the transition from House Music to Minimal, from Techno, to Deep, until the creation of a fascinating synthesis of these genres. The sound that inspires Luca during his sessions is highly emotional, with dark tones from the Berlin influence and it is derived from a strong passion for artists such as Guy Gerber, Mathew Johnson and Deetron.

Finally in 2012 Luca’s first vinyl comes up with Blooming Soul Records: “Looking to the Sky EP”, remixed by famed Dj Ernesto Ferreyra (Cadenza Records), reaching the top of the world charts on
Created in the memory of his mother, the vinyl has a high symbolic value for Luca and it represents the result of his entire musical training, since the studies of piano, as well as being the greatest satisfaction in his career as a producer.

In 2014 two other projects: one with the Inside Music Records (Danilo Vigorito Labels), with the participation of the extraordinary voice of the gospel singer and Dj Mandel Turner and his colleagues and friends Anthony Mea, Danilo Vigorito e Luca D’arle. The second one it is a V/A of his last track “Stardust” with Deeperfect Records.

Finally, 2015 is the year of the consecration of his first album “My way”, with the pianist and producer DJ Luigi Gargano, 8 tracks that bring to a musical journey towards a timeless combination of classical and electronic music, through a fresh and deep sound.
The album will be released by the Family Grooves Records exclusively on Beatport on the 4th of April 2015.

Other news soon to follow… Luca Aniston


Born and raised in Southern Italy, Luigi Gargano started studying music at the age of five years. At 10 he is admitted into the Conservatory of Music G. Martucci, Salerno.

He excels at Saxophone, Piano and Composition, he has won several international piano competitions, including second place for the piano award “Belvedere” to the Royal Palace of Caserta.

He is also selected as pianist of the orchestra of Giffoni Festival in 2009 for the national premiere “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. Currently, he teaches saxophone and he is attending the two-year Master in piano at the Conservatory of Salerno.

Luigi has been chosen to take part in numerous classic music initiatives, as the “Piano City”, renowned festival held in Naples, dedicated exclusively to piano artists. He has performed Among in varied genres around the world: in Rome at “La Casa del Jazz” and at “Black Market”, in Venice and at the medieval castle of Stigliano,“Mostra d’Oltremare” in Naples, Ruby’s Music Room in Melbourne,in Saint Kilda Australia and in many other locations…

At the age of 17 years he approached the electronic music, getting soon a unique sound standing out his dj set. He has shared the stage with worldwide DJs and producers like Yaya, Sasha Carassi, Antonio Pepe, Deborah De Luca, Reboot , Roberto Capuano and Miriam Macri. He has collaborated in the production of CD Mo no!polio with the Foundation F.M. Napolitano ” and Rotary International District 2100 recorded in Naples.

Moreover, Luigi is participating for the third year at all the electronic event in one on the largest disco in South of Italy, “Il Ciclope”. His performances continue to be numerous, in the most famous clubs and discos of the Italy together with his participation at the most illustrious musical events in the area.

A complete artist that moves easily between different genres, from classical to jazz, from fusion to electronics, mixing always new repertoires and experimenting music genres fusions.